Technology of Disinfection and
Antibacterial Coating

Nano needle protective layer
attract germ cells

Germ cell contact the surface to which
the stock solution has been sprayed

Germs are punctured by
needle-like layers and kill germs

Features of Disinfectant and
Antimicrobial Coating

Kill New Pneumonia

The long-term anti-virus coating stock solution we use is one of the few long-term disinfection materials that has been proven to kill the new crown pneumonia COVID-19. (Efficiency up to 99.99%)

Continuing Protection

Verified by third-party laboratories, the coating can effectively kill more than 100 viruses and bacteria, including the new pneumonia COVID-19, for up to 180 days.

Harmless to Human

The long-acting antibacterial disinfectant solution imported from New Zealand has food-grade certification, food-grade safety standards, and is safe and harmless. It is suitable for places with pregnant women, infants and children and people with sensitive symptoms, such as eczema.


General cleaning does not affect the disinfection performance of the coating, and it is confirmed that the disinfection effect can still be exerted.

Options of Disinfectant and
Antimicrobial Coating

ZOONO®Sanitizing Coating Sterilizes

TX-5 Nano Air Catalyst Disinfection Coating

Made in New Zealand Made in Japan
30 Days Validity 180 Days Validity
• US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Certification
• Compliant with New Zealand Food Safety Authority Standards
Proven by third-party laboratories that it is harmless to human pets


Below 1000 ft
Service hours: about 40 minutes
Number of cleaners: 1
1001ft – 5000ft
Service hours: about 1 hour
Number of cleaners: 1-2
5001ft – 10000ft
Service hours: about 2 hours
Number of cleaners: 2-3
Above 10,000ft
Call US
Service hours: about 2 hours
Number of cleaners: 2-4

Demonstration of Disinfecting
Antimicrobial Coatings

Disinfectant Antibacterial Coating

Kill COVID-19
UK laboratory MSL

The highest Level of Skin Compatibility
German Certification Body Dematest

Germany DKK Laboratory

Valid for 90 Days
US EPA Testing Agency

Can be Washed More than 100 Times
Australian Testing Agency Bruck Textiles

Food Safety Standard
US Food and Drug Administration

Germany MG Laboratory

Kills Escherichia Coli
Eurofins Laboratories

Disinfecting Antimicrobial Coatings


Q: Does it have impact on children, pregnant women, and animals?

Answer: It will not affect pregnant women, children, the elderly, and people with sensitive skin, such as eczema. It is also not harmful to animals. The product complies with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and New Zealand Food Safety Authority standards and can be safely used in humans (pregnant women and children), food and animals.
Although all substances have a “toxicity” level (including water), Zoono’s “toxicity level” is similar to that of vitamin C. Therefore, Zoono is safe to use around people, pets and plants.

Q: Can I wash my hands and clean after using ZOONO disinfection products?

Answer: Yes. After using Zoono disinfection products, you should wash your hands and clean as usual to regularly remove the stains on your hands or the surface of objects, so that the ZOONO protective layer can keep killing pathogens for a longer time.

Q: Any impact if other disinfectants (such as alcohol disinfectants) be used after disinfection?

Answer: No. Zoono adheres to the surface of the object or the skin, the disinfection effect is effective until the coating falls off, and the bactericidal effect is until the protective layer naturally falls off the surface of the object or the skin. Therefore, the use of disinfectants such as alcohol will not affect its efficacy.

Q: How long does it take to sterilize?


  • 500 feets – 2000 feets, about 20-30 minutes
  • 2000 feets – 4000 feets, about 30-40 minutes
  • 4000 feets – 8000 feets, about 40-70 minutes

Q: How long can it be used after disinfection is complete?

Answer: Because of the atomization effect, the degree of wetting is relatively small, so wait about 10-20 minutes for the protective layer to dry and form, and then use it as usual. After that, you can clean your home as usual every day without any impact.

Q: What should I pay attention to before and after disinfection?

Before Disinfection:
a. It is better to avoid staying at the site; it is also possible to stay at the site to watch, but keep an appropriate distance.
b. The paper is better pressed with a heavy object, because the spray wind is strong.
c. Food wrapping.

After Disinfection:
d. Keep the air circulating and wait about ten minutes for the coating to form and it will resume normal
e. Wait about 10-20 minutes for the protective layer to dry and form, then use it as usual.

Q: Appointment Time

Answer: Usually the service can be arranged on the same day or the next day. Service charges incur after 11:00pm.

Q: Certificate Provision?

Answer: 2 certificates will be provided after the disinfection is completed, proving that this area has been sprayed with a disinfection coating. The certificate is a sticker (9cm x 14cm) for customers to stick it in a prominent position.