Nano Air
Catalyst Technology

TX-5®️ new nano-scale air catalyst has ultra-fine particles of 2-7nm. After spraying, it produces a porous structural transparent film coating, which produces a highly active catalytic effect, catalyzes the generation of H2O2, and produces hydroxyl radicals with strong oxidizing power. OH, Combining macromolecular inorganic ions and covering all surfaces of objects with aqueous solution can effectively absorb and quickly decompose chemical pollution gases in its spatial range, so that the concentration of the parts is very low, while the high-concentration pollutants in other parts flow to the low-concentration parts. , the incoming pollutants are quickly decomposed and become non-toxic and harmless carbon dioxide CO2 and water H2O to continuously deodorize, sterilize, and decompose formaldehyde and organic chemical pollutants.

Features of Nano Air Catalyst

Japanese Patented Formula

TX-5®️ The new nano-scale air catalyst is developed in Japan, with a patented formula and has been certified by major laboratories.

Harmless to Human and Animal

During the decomposition process, the chemically polluted gases eventually turn into water and carbon dioxide, which are completely harmless to the environment, pets and humans.

Long Lasting with Five Year Validity

Continuously decompose harmful substances in the air, long-term effective, not easy to wear. It can continuously decompose formaldehyde for up to 5 years.

Harmless to the Surface of Furniture

Nano-transparent ultra-fine particles that adhere to any construction surface without discoloration or corrosion. It also has the functions of deodorizing and anti-fouling.

Construction Process
(Formaldehyde Removal)

Preparation Before Construction

  • New tenants need to be renovated and cleaned first, and can be done after the new furniture is in place.

  • Before construction, it is necessary to clean the dust and stains on the surface of the furniture, otherwise the coating effect will be affected.

  • Before construction, the cabinets must be emptied.

  • If you have a smoke detector in your home, you need to turn it off in advance.


Construction Process

  • We will first use a formaldehyde meter to find the location with the highest formaldehyde content, and use this formaldehyde content as a target for purification.

  • According to the formaldehyde content of each location, use the appropriate dose of potion for purification.

  • Use professional nano-spray guns, starting from space and walls, and then spraying furniture until the amount of formaldehyde is reduced to the international standard level.

  • After the construction, we will display the formaldehyde content of each location for reference, which will be confirmed and reviewed by the customer.

Aware after Construction

  • When finished, please open all windows and cabinet doors to maintain air circulation.

  • After completion, there will be a little natural smell (non-toxic) of potions and furniture raw materials, which will gradually dissipate.

  • The nanocoating forms within 12 hours, and the coating sets for daily cleanliness.


Furniture Only

Below 1000ft
From HK$1800
Service hours: about 1 hr
Number of cleaners: 1-2
1001ft - 2000ft
From HK$2800
Service hours: about 1.5-2 hrs
Number of cleaners: 1-2
2001ft – 3000ft
From HK$3800
Service hours: about 2.5 hrs
Number of cleaners: 2
Above 4000ft
From HK$4000
Service Hours: TBC
Number of cleaners: 2-4

All Areas

Below 1000ft
From HK$2400
Service hours: about 2 hrs
Number of cleaners: 1-2
1001ft - 2000ft
From HK$3600
Service hours: about 2 hrs
Number of cleaners: 1-2
2001ft – 3000ft
From HK$4700
Service hours: about 3 hrs
Number of cleaners: 2
Above 4000ft
From HK$5800
Service Hours: TBC
Number of cleaners: 2-4

Demonstration of
Formaldehyde Removal

Four Major Home Culprits
of Formaldehyde

Wooden Furniture
Wooden furniture is the main source of formaldehyde pollution in the home. When choosing wooden furniture, it is better to use solid wood panels, and they must be certified to the environmental protection level of E1.
Wall Paint
Coatings are mainly composed of binders (also known as film substances, adhesives, etc.), pigments, various additives and water (solvents), etc. The toxic substances in them are mainly binders (adhesives).
Wooden Floor
Wooden floors are one of the main sources of formaldehyde, and the main reasons for the release of formaldehyde come from the wooden floors themselves and the glue used.
The glue of wallpaper is also one of the sources of formaldehyde. If environmental-friendly glue is not used, the amount of formaldehyde emitted is very strong.

Nano Air Catalyst

Formaldehyde Removal Rate Report

TVOC – Inspection Report

CMA Disinfection and Sterilization Test Report

Antimicrobial Report

Antimicrobial Report

Oral Non-toxic Test Report

Strong Activated Carbon Test Report

MSDS Safety Report

Nano Air Catalyst Q&A


Q: How long will the construction take?

Answer : eg. 500 feets – about 1.5-2 hours. The above is just a reference time, the actual situation also depends on the on-site environment and the number of furniture.

Q: How long can users move in after construction?

Answer: It is better to wait for 8 hours after construction, but the ideal is to wait for 2-3 days in a ventilated situation until the odor completely dissipates.

Q: Why is there still smell after construction?

Answer: After purifying formaldehyde, wooden furniture will still emit a natural odor, not formaldehyde, so it is harmless to the human body, you can rest assured.

Q: Can it be cleaned with 1:49 bleach or alcohol after application?

Answer: The potion has a coating to decompose formaldehyde in a long-term, so the daily cleaning can be resumed after the coating is completely solidified after one day of application.

Q: What do I need to prepare before removing formaldehyde?

Answer: The newly renovated home must be cleaned after decoration to ensure that the furniture and walls are clean inside and outside. Because wood chips and dust will hinder the penetration of the potion. If there are clothes or other sundries in the cabinet, they must be taken out in advance before the formaldehyde removal project can be carried out.

Q: Is it harmful to human body?

Answer : The potion has been verified by various tests to be harmless to humans (including infants and the elderly) and pets, please rest assured. Certificates are available for reference if required.